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Learn To Inspire Others Make Social Changes

A Motivational Book Written By John Jensen

The world needs a motivating book about social change, and John Jensen has delivered it with We Need a Movement: Four Problems to Solve to Restore Rational Government. After reading this book, all of your questions about how to start a movement, organize a group, and effectively motivate people for a common goal will be answered.

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Find out how to motivate and unite the people around you.

About the Book and Author

John Jensen wrote the motivational book, We Need a Movement: Four Problems to Solve to Restore Rational Government, in Tucson, Arizona. The book, which is available in paperback and as a digital download nationwide, gives advice on starting a movement. After reading the book, you will have a greater understanding of what you need to do to start, carry through, and expand a peaceful, effective movement.

As a Catholic priest in 1966, he came across a series of lectures to priests and nuns (published currently by Notre Dame University Press as Dedication and Leadership, by Douglas Hyde) about how certain organizing principles generate enduring motivation for an ideal. Applied in his parish, they rapidly generated interest and enthusiasm among parishioners. Deciding to pursue their development, he has worked on his observations about the motivation and group dynamics for over fifty years while becoming a licensed clinical psychologist and an educational consultant.

In this book he has provided the most important information you need to help you gather people’s energy to move to a common goal as quickly and effectively as possible.  You will learn how to inspire others to unite their efforts toward a mission that benefits many.

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